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Looking for a Havanese to

join your family?

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About Us

We are a group of Havanese enthusiasts who either own a Havanese or who are interested in the breed.


Our area of operation is the province of Ontario, Canada.


Voting membership is open to those owning a Havanese and non-voting to others.


We welcome new members. Have a look at our Membership Page.


We have resources for non-members as well as members. The Breeders Page has a list of all our Member Breeders.


For those considering a Havanese for the first time, check out Havanese History and the Havanese Standard.



The 10th Annual HOLA Regional Specialty Show


Our 2024 HOLA Specialty will be held on Friday, September 6, 2024, in Jerseyville, ON in conjunction with the Oakville KC show.

Specialty Judge:  Celine Bottussi Jocquel, France *

* pending CKC approval

Havanese from across Canada and the United States will compete for the ribbons!


The results will be posted on the Specialty page after the show date.

For information please contact Show Chair: Cheryl Drake

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